A Dry Impress – a Blind Press

A Dry Impress – a Blind Press

R1 Steel embossing plates

R2 Bronze embossing plates

R3 Copper embossing plates

K1-K2 Embossing machine storage case

PS Wax Seal Stamp Set

R1 Steel embossing plates

According to your design we can produce a bilateral stamping dies for a dry impress to a paper. These stamping dies will we put into handheld lever stamping dies for a quick and immediate application to any document. The stamping die is circular and you can use its whole area with a diameter of 1.575in for realizing your graphical ideas and to which a 2D design will be elegenter engraved. Dry impress is a three-dimensional safety printing item used for a prevention from falsification. It is an uncopyable and an untransferable identification of documents on the basis of a three-dimensional motive that is visible from both facial and inner side of a printed matter. More about the technique of this dry impress can be found under these sample pictures.

Allow us to present you these two very imporatnt facts that differ our 3D seals from the compretitory products just before presenting you the technique used by a relief seal:

    I.    Most of the time, 3D stamping dies production is offered in plastics and the reason why is - the price. Plastics offer a variety of a cheap and a quick treatment and it seems that the price vs. the output proportion is great. However, in our opinion, plastics does not fulfil any basic requirements for a quality and stamping dies get quite quickly worn out. The intended effect of glamorizing and making it luxurious is gradually degraded. Plastic seal is possible to use in a long term only for papers with a small self-weight, when creating relief imprints to a thick paper or other materials (lether), it enormly increases the pressure to stamping decks and a rapid stamping areas detrition follows. In short, the plastics stays faithful to the characteristics given by its name and particular contours start to „turn aside“ under repeated pressure exposal. Because of this we offer only steel plastic types which longevity is almost unlimited and they allow the impress into arbitrary self-weight papers, the leather or even into very thin aluminic tinplates. Somewhere among plastic and steel stamping dies there are quantitatively similar stamping dies made of magnesium or a brass. A plastic type made of steel however, shows the best parameters...

    II.    Not all relief seals producers know how to put your concrete graphical vision including your special graphical symbols onto the stamping die. They engrave you only a specific chain of signs. We put onto your die any graphical motive just as it will be vectorally described in a folder sent by you (Corel CDR) or we can create vectoral patterns according to your ideas from individual graphical components given to us. The only limiting parameter is diversity that is, naturally, limited because the impress needs to have a given depth.

The dry impress technique has not too many technologically different variatins and can therefore be named by many synonyms. Among the most common used belongs blind impress, dry impress and other collocations directly expressing the technical procedure: embossing, relief impress, plastic sign, plastic water sign etc. Blind impress is therefore a technique useing an impress without colour, impressing the stamping die into the paper or an eventually different material with a suitable width.

Blind impress appears to be a very interesting alternative of securing the documents and marking the charts because its imitation is very hard. It is not possible to reliefly scan the imprint and it cannot be practically ripped off by e.g. ironing. Comparing to other safety self-adhesive pasters with holographic patterns, there are 4 essential adavantages of a blind impress:

1. Handheld lever stamping dies impress a seal to any paper practically without limitation of applications amount. It cannot happen that the pasters run out as in case of holographic safety labels.

2. Even the most clever falsificator will not be able to move (ustick, cut out etc) the blind impress from one document to another because that is simply not possible.

3. Dry impress does not use a colour and it does not change the colour of a document in a place of impress after application. Thanks to this, it does not interfere with a graphical composition of the document.

4. In connection to the advantage number 3 mentioned above, it is very desirable for the impress not to disturb the labeled product. We can use the blind impress or a water mark. The measure of visibility of the impress is highly controlled by the pressure you put on the lever when applying the blind impress. The lower pressure the less disturbing will the 3D element be. At the same time, it will still be greatly visible.

Dry impress is therefore a securing item of a document preventing it from falsification. It uses a technology production of a 3D picture of a graphical logo and a text by a relief impress – impressing the engraved stamping die opposite its dissymetrical incavated counterpart through the document that should be labeled. The imrpint can be created into papers of different self-weigth – using very thin or very thick printing materials will require finding suitable strength for the stamping die lever.

The design of a stamping die look is practically no different to a design of a single layered hologram. Graphical pattern needs to be sent in vectoral form and on its basis both stampng dies will be engraved onto the plastic steel imprint. You will get those deposited in precise lever impress mechanism later.

Choosing and rotating the stamping die

Both top and bottom (positive and inverse) part of a die can be easily demonted from a lever impress, rotated as needed and put back together. This option can be used mostly for setting the printing to the top or the bottom edge of the documents according to your documents’ requirements. It can also deal with a case when you need to seal something into the middle of the right or the left edge of the page.

The price of an imprint including creating your stamping die:   $405 without TAX

R2 Bronze embossing plates

Cheapest option of embossing plates using bronze die easily portable and compact spirited mechanism. Compared to steel, bronze die is of course slightly less durable, but only during extrusion to paper is its almost unlimited service life. Regarding the subtleties of artwork that you can use in graphic design for engraving bronze dies, it is possible it is therefore considered equivalent. The difference lies in the depth of engraving, which is smaller in the bronze matrix (smallest is due to the maximum resolution in copper die). If you require a very significant relief or stamping of thick or solid materials, will be best suited die steel. Engraving in bronze hooves,although shallower, but is free tapered leading edges of each carved lines. This fact has very beneficial in embossed punch into thin materials, especially in the paper, which looks like embossing and engraving with less depth very recisely defined and relief is significant (see last picture).

Pressing mechanism is designed so that it can be easily transferred. As shown in the photographs of the product, the proper pair of complementary dies removable and therefore if there you have more, you will transmit only one lever adapter; replacement is a snap.

For a more complete comparison with the other two types of dry excavation, ie steel and copper plate is necessary to summarize this bronze plate can not be rotated. Orientation (by the top, bottom,right or left edge of the paper) must be specified when ordering, then it will not change. This is no different from blind embossing with a copper matrix. On the contrary, this option provides system with die steel. Diameter of circular bronze plate for engraving is 40 mm, the same as in the case of the steel type. For the most universal type of die steel is considered to be due to the possibility to fingerprint the widest range (especially thickness and stiffness) materials; during the excavation to regular weight paper may not apply excessive force to the lever mechanism punch as it could be torn paper. This phenomenon is the deep embossing die which is necessary as a reserve for eventual impression to thick sheets. The described does not apply to blind bronze and copper, in which it is possible to always use the full stick force without the risk of defects in the place of the impression. Bronze dies can be applied with a guaranteed result only in paper with weights up to 80 g / mxm, a plain paper. Results impression in paper weight 120 g / mxm only satisfactory in the case of higher weights no longer useful. The other two systems are compared succeed; steel due to deep motive and copper due to significantly higher contact force given the large lever robust print mechanism. Weight interchangeable die block is about 140 g. Weight linkage without retracting the punch is 200 grams.

Hmotnost výměnného bloku raznice činí cca 140 g. Hmotnost pákového mechanismu bez zasunuté raznice je 200g.

Graphic design for this type of dry seals the same rules as for versions with other types of punches, a vector-described graphic design (Corel, etc.). On the surface of the die can be used for both text and any graphic image.

Try also a combination of a dry impress to a hologram made in advance

The price of an imprint including creating your stamping die:   $347 without TAX

R3 Copper embossing plates

Some customer graphical predesigns aimed for a plastic printing with the help of a blind impress contain too small details nad it is not possible to engrave them into the steel stamping die. The reason is - using a more masive adapter of a mechanided miller for steel engraving. It is needed to choose another option of a lever impress and a different material for the die preparation when the predesigns are graphically more complicated. Copper seems to be a suitable material because of its easy tooling and a long-term durability. We can put even the finest lines and small texts of your predesigns onto the copper area of a stamping die.

It is required to put a higher pressure onto the stamping tool when impressing fine lines on an areas of an imprint labeled paper than in case of steel imprints. That is because the stamping die cannot be engraved into that depth considering the details density and cavities are more shallow. For this exact reason of a higher impress powers requierment, this stamping die version is set into a different stamping machine that is equipped for a simpler usage by a considerably longer impress lever comparing to the first version. Globally, the construction of a handheld press is of a more masive character, it is made of a cast metal and it will not get lost on the table. Decent realization is in place because of the perfect printing of a detailed and fine graphics into the high-weight papers (>250gsm) requires a stronger lever pressure. Stamping die’s diameter is 1.77in (printable area has 1.5748inch in diameter), the parameters of a lever press are 7.677in long, 3.346in wide and 5.51in high. The length of a lever is 8.465in. Weight of the press is fewer than 11lb.

For designing this type of a dry impress , the same rules as for above mentioned steel stamping die version apply - therefore a vectorally described graphical design (COREL etc). You can use texts or also an arbitrary graphical schemas can be used on the stamping die area. The necessity of a copper stamping die can be confirmed thanks to the high diversity of a design only after looking at your design sent to us. For a better idea we recommed you to look at a photogrph of a stamping die at the above mentioned steel pastic type. For example, in case of densing the letters in word „Ostrava“ a limit of a diversity of this type of a stamping die is reached. Smaller letters would require changing into a copper die production. On the other hand, you can notice the sample pictures of a printed imprint of a town Usti nad Orlici made by a copper die under this text . You can see much finer lines e.g. between the roof and the walls. This technology has no problem with making these.

The price of an imprint including creating your stamping die:   $498 without TAX

K1-K2 Embossing machine storage case

A secure case is made of aluminum frame and light weight plastic sides in the same color as the aluminum frame. The entire case is upholstered and provides elegant carry-on case for the gold embossing seal. The embossing seal provides a high level statement when important documents are sing and verified by both interested parties. The documents signed and verified by an embossed seal gain on importance where it is expected that these documents are securely handled and stored. The representative design and casing of the embossing seal shows professionalism and high quality of a business when a document need to be signed out of the office setting.

K1 Small case - for Steel embossing plates:
Weight:  1.17 lb
Dimensions:  9.055 x 3.35 x 7.48in

Price:   $29 without TAX

K2 Big case - for Copper embossing plates:
Weight:  2.4 lb
Dimensions:  13.07 x 4.92 x 10.43in

Price:   $47 without TAX

PS Wax Seal Stamp Set

The sealing wax stamp is manufactured upon your customized design. The sealing stamp is produced from brass and embedded into the handle. The sealing stamp is designed to be used with hot wax to imprint the stamp as it was used for many centuries since medieval times. In order to open the document or the package the stamp has to be physically broken and destroyed what indicates the unauthorized reading of the document or viewing the content of a package. The sealing stamp was for the centuries a mean of identification and identity reflected in the graphic design of the stamp. There is the possibility to transfer the logo and/or signature of your company onto the sealing wax stamp.

Seal wax stamping is an ancient method but even in today society it has its meaning and position. Not only has it had the decorative aspect and a sign of luxury statement for the tradition but also a vast range of security usage to protect from unauthorized entry into various boxes or locks. The distinctive characteristics of the hot sealing wax are used for the protection where the wax seals all the gaps and openings of a sealed object. The wax acts as a mechanical barrier when the entry is by force and unauthorized. Mechanical characteristics of sealing wax differ from the regular candle wax in these main properties: the volume and the higher melting point. The seal from this type of a wax is quite strong and requires a certain amount of force to break it; this secures the possibility of an accidental breakage. The hot sealing wax can be also used to protect from unauthorized manipulation of screws if applied on top of the bolt. Nowadays wax is labeled as Spanish sealing wax and consists of a wax mixture, silica, and oils.

The seal stamp is round and the entire area of 0.984in or 1.181in radius can be used for the customized design. The customized 2D design will be engraved into the seal. The seal, is as well as the dry stamping, a three dimensional security feature, which provides protection against counterfeiting, illegal copying, and nontransferable identification of documents and mechanical barrier against unauthorized entry. The design of a seal wax stamp is the same as the design for a dry stamping and/or single-layered hologram. The seal stamp is manufactured from the graphic design send to us in the vector application. Based on the design the image is engraved into the stamp.

The set includes sealing wax stamp embedded in a handle of 2.953in length, three wax sticks each 0.02lb (red, black, and silver). The color represents the color of the whole wax stick from inside out. The set also includes a small metal cup for heating up the wax, and two tea candles. The seal wax come in all colors, including gold, and we keep them on stock.

The Set Content: 1pc seal wax stamp, 3 pcs seal wax sticks, 2 pcs tea candles, 1 pc small metal cup.
The price PS25 0.984in for the stamp and the custom design:   $255 without TAX
The price PS30 1.181in for the stamp and the custom design:   $328 without TAX
The price for the additional seal wax stick:   $4.5 /pc without TAX
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