Holographic Self-adhesive Stickers.

Holographic Self-adhesive Stickers

Holograms, holographic seals and imprints are used more and more for the authorization of documents, declaring of authenticity of the products and also for sealing those parts of the products in which it is needed to see whether the opening was unauthorized. Holograms are becoming a desirable and effective way of preventing falsification and misuse of anything that can be protected by a hologram. The hologram defines the highest standard of security and adds the professionalism and originality to the product. Generally, there are many ways to produce the holographic picture and also different ways to use it, including original purpose to save the data on the optic carriers. Obviously not all expensive ways of producing the holograms, originated from the research in the laboratories, are used for the production of holograms and technology used for saving the data. All holograms printed this way have one common thing, the high diversity of graphic output, which outclasses the options of classic printing in multiple ways. Thanks to these characteristics it is very hard to falsify the stickers and it is also one of the necessary conditions for the holographic effect. Above all that, high diversity allows to put security signs on the hologram about which the user will not know and they will be controllable only by special appliances or maybe only in the lab. An example of this would be a micro-text or micrographics, which can be, in addition to your preferences, produced in the way that it will be only readable under the laser light.

All holograms that are used for above stated purposes are, in fact, made of a specific film with purposely deformed surface. The picture itself is created thanks to the refraction and interference according to exact calculations of microscopic deformations. A mask for these “engravings” is made based on records given by the customer according to any graphical data. Even if the pattern for the hologram production is in 2D, the final picture can be seen as 3D thanks to specific characteristics of the holographic display. We are able to produce 3D holograms as well, but the pattern is graphically more advanced. This is the number one reason why most of our customers prefer the holograms made from 2D pattern. For self-adhesive stickers you can choose from 2 types of films - silver and gold.

Apart from the methods of hologram production stated above there are a few others technologies, but they need a more complicated way of production preparation which will result in higher costs for the seal production. If you are interested in other kinds of holograms, feel free to contact us!

Every one of the techniques stated above can be applied to 2 types of self-adhesive medias; the first one is a very thin and smooth film which has a metallic layer on its basal part - that can be golden or silver based on your choice. The holographic picture carrier is the metallic layer into which the holographic design is being burned into while produced. The film defines mechanical strength of the whole seal and it is also used as a protection of the holographic layer from mechanical damage. There is a layer of glue on its basal part, just as it is on every ordinary self-adhesive sticker. When you try to remove the seal from its place, it gets damaged. The measure of damage depends on the surface that it is pasted to. Basically, it is impossible to remove the hologram and stick it to another place without damaging it. While applying the hologram sticker please make sure the surface is grease free. The second type of media is so called destructive VOID evident film. This self-adhesive medium is produced the way that any attempt to remove the seal would be clearly seen right away. The sticker gets evidently damaged. The seal is not removable neither by heating the film e.g. by a hot-flue gun, as it is possible with other self-adhesive security stickers. When trying to remove the sticker, the part of the holographic layer separates from the film and another part stays glued to the surface. That part which stays glued to the film is given by a chosen pattern media. There are four types of media produced in advance, which leave a clearly readable text "VOID", "ORIGINAL", "CANCELLED" or a regular graphical motive similar to honeycombs, which leaves the text or motive on both the surface and the film after removing.. This method is used in variety places where it is important to prevent unauthorized entries to prohibited areas like the inner parts of electrical systems, sealed documents, boxes for transportation of valuables, doors of baggage areas sealed with bigger seals, etc.

The size of particular self-adhesive stickers is not limited and will always be correspondent with your requests. Practically, it is always possible to produce holographic seals with diameter of 3mm to stick to the tops of the screws, just as it is possible to produce a hologram of a size 8.5x11 inches. All stickers will be cut according to your requested sizes and will be delivered in sheets to size 8.5x11 inches or in rolls. They will be cut according to the shape you choose when designing a graphical project of the seal. Basically, it is possible to produce a seal of any size. The only important thing to remember is to design the stickers that are easy to transport to the object you want to label. For this reason we recommend you choose from these shapes: a circle, an ellipse, an oval, a square or a rectangle, a square or a rectangle with round corners, triangle, n-polygon and similar periodic formations.

If by facts stated above you have an idea of how should a proper holographic seal fulfilling your requirements look like, it is needed to create its digital pattern. If you have an option to use any of the vectorial graphical editors (we recommend Corel Draw) and you have enough experience for creating the pattern, you can send it to us directly with the vectorial data. Of course, it would be our pleasure to prepare a pattern ourselves, using your specifics. In case of easier designs all that is needed is their description in words, with exact dimensions, according to which we will email you a graphical draft, in some cases multiple options to choose from. After the draft is finalized and all the corrections were authorized by your signature the manufacturing process can begin right away. In case you need seals of a small size, we highly recommend printing these seals during the projection by a regular printer in its exact parameters. In many cases the amount of textual and graphical information exceeds the options of a small format and the result is a very small area that is overcrowded with information easily readable only by a microscope. The holographic sticker of this nature has bad resolution especially if projected on 24'' monitor in graphical editor.

By applying our holographic stickers, foils and destructive holograms you provide a safety feature to your items that are difficult to falsify. Providing your products and other items with hologram stickers and labels increases their safety and credibility. The list of the holograms offered by our company starts here.

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