Stock Security Labels

Stock Security Labels

Stock Holograms – the Easiest Way to Secure Your Products.

Stock labels represent the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way of obtaining stickers, both with holograms and foil. All below mentioned labels and stickers are on stock and can be expedite immediately. The most common signs and graphic designs strive to accommodate basic needs and expectations of the customers in order to protect the goods from unauthorized opening – security seals, warranty seal or holographic hallmark seal. If your company and your personal needs don’t require your logo or specific graphic design, the stock labels can be an optimal solution and possibility. If you decide to choose the stock labels, you save on time and design in total, as well as on all other expenses.

In the stock section you will find security labels with and without the numeric numbers as sell as the vinyl labels. The vinyl labels are made specifically from the material that has very low resistance and at the same time it has the ability to destroy the structure of the material so it rips easily. The above mentioned properties of the vinyl labels show only after the label is applied onto the nonporous surface because of the extremely strong polyacrylic permanent glue. The polyacrylic glue is on the bottom surface of the security label. The security label achieves a perfect adhesiveness after 24 hours time period. It is possible to remove the security label but only in small pieces, due to the adhesive strength of the polyacrylic glue which is stronger than the total surface force of the foil.

The highest degree of safety is represented by the numeric hologram labels and a guaranty seal since there is no one label with the same series number. The numeric number can be directly linked with the series number of the product and the invoice documentation. The unique product number than represents a simple way of protection, the same like with a specially designed labels.

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