Security Levels and Pricing

Security Levels and Pricing

Level 1

Basic security level of self-adhesive holograms and safety self-adhesive labels on vinyl films are the cheapest option of prevention, mostly from violation of guaranty conditions. Typical representatives of this security category are self-adhesive holograms with one layer, made in advance. They are suitable for securing the cheaper products in a relation to final customer, where the probability of falsification or attempt of getting the same security label is extremely low, considering the volume of the order, number of products and options of the customer.

Level 2

Higher level of security in this category is secured by using better security items or their combinations, which makes the option of counterfeiting less probable. This category is a domain of self-adhesive holograms with incremented serial number produce in advance and on stock. This security item provides easy identification. The labels of this category are also suitable for securing the documents, to which they add security and authenticity.

Level 3

This security level combines multiple safety technologies in both the basal layer and the image layer. The combination of all these features creates a robust security tool that prevents from counterfeiting and imitation. Self-adhesive holograms of this category provide good press security. Apart from exceptions, these holograms are made according to customer’s wishes, including your company’s logo or style graphics. By increasing of complexity of your own graphic design (which we would gladly design for you) you have an option to influence the counterfeiting and non transferability of the security element.

Level 4

This category defines the high standard of security thanks to holographic security items created always according to your individual design, normally in multiple layers with an option of choosing from a large variety of basic security techniques such as printing a unique number or a combination of signs on the sticker in a form of either sieve-printing or as another holographic layer, there is also a choice of special shapes of self-adhesive holograms or VOID basis...Self-adhesive stickers of this category are suitable for highly-professional products with specific markings of any product or sealing of documents of high importance. Thanks to your company graphic motives on the sticker, their usage increases company’s prestige and is a carrier of your company reputation at first sight.

Level 5

Holographic labels and self-adhesive stickers fulfill the highest parameters for non transferability, counterfeiting and easy identification. There is no option of counterfeiting thanks to a difficult graphic draft design of the master for the stickers production. One of the techniques securing the highest level of security is 3D technique, which naturally needs a special type of draft design. Counterfeiting of holograms from this category is extremely complicated and always recognizable (with usage of special equipment) when it contains micro graphical security elements. Security items of this class are suitable for documents of the highest importance and also for unique products, which are supposed to uncover their exclusivity at first sight.

Number of stars at each security element marks informative costs per 1 piece. The level of security is not always in continual proportion with the price. The proof of that is a clever combination of safety items at holographic self-adhesive stickers made in advance, which offer significant security for many applications with minimal costs and are available immediately. For securing of important press or exclusive products demanding a higher level of security or a unique graphics, it is needed to choose a product with higher number of stars, naturally. The number of stars reflexes the cost that we accredit to a product.

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