VOID Basis Security Seals on Stock

VOID Basis Security Seals on Stock

Holograms on special film called “Void evident“ show increased sensitivity to unauthorized attempts to removing the label and react by a specific metallic layer damaging – by uncovering words “VOID“, “ORIGINAL“, “Canceled“ or by a regular graphical emblem (depending on type of chosen basal media). It is evident that hologram was removed even by a little part. Attempts to stick it on again change nothing on visibility of uncovered words. This technology highly increases the value of a security seal because it will show uncovered and highly visible words even if somebody was able to remove the hologram from badly ungreased or rough surface.

Two-Layered Numbered Seal with Screen Printing on VOID Basis

Holographic etiquette with parameters 2.756 x 0.866in with rounded corners which we have on stock combines some security items such as 2 holographic layers, numbering, and screen printing and VOID basis. Thanks to a unique number of every hologram its security level highly increases because there will never be another seal sold with the same series number. Used VOID basal layer “Void evident film“ shows increased sensitivity to unauthorized attempts of removing the label and reacts by specific damaging of metallic layer – uncovering square raster of parameters 0.118 x 0.118in. In one layer of holographic layer there are 2 graphical emblems in a circle and series number in a frame, in the second holographic layer there is a repeating word “SEAL“ in two sizes under each other in a raster. Main color of hologram is silver. There is a sign of a seal with ribbons screen printed in red from the top.

Second picture illustrates what happens when this hologram is removed. You can see intact hologram pasted to the surface at the top Picture. Then you can see 2 separated parts which are separated when the label is removed – the basal part remains stuck to the surface and the top part with the film has fully evident signs of removal even though it doesn’t lose its adhesive attributes and can be pasted to another place. This attribute is usable when labeling expiration, the end of validity, marking used sale voucher etc.

Parameters of this seal are 2.756 x 0.866in. These holographic labels with series number are available on stock at all times and you can order them in number of 1 or more anytime.

Price for 1-100 pieces:  $0.23 without TAX

Price for 100 and more pieces:  $0.18 without TAX


Single-Layered Numbered Holographic Seal with Basal Security VOID Layer

Each holographic seal has a unique series number which will not repeat in any other order, there are no seals with the same series number. Self-adhesive sticker contains title “SECURITY protection“ and a series number consisting of six digits. Removing and pasting it on a new surface is not possible thanks to the production technology. When removed the seal gets damaged and uncovers text “VOID“- see in the picture.

Parameters of the seal are 1.772 x 0.669in and titles on it are in two holo layers. These holographic stickers with series number are available on stock at all times and you can order them in number of 1 or more anytime.

Price for 1-100 pieces:  $0.14 without TAX

Price for 100 and more pieces:  $0.12 without TAX


A Two – layered Numbered Sticker with a VOID Layer and a High Level of Adhesiveness

This two-layered destructive holographic sticker has an increased security against falsification thanks to a guilloche pattern in one of the holo layers. The second improvement is provided by a three-layered glue that highly increases the adhesiveness and it is possible to use it on rough surfaces where the standard thickness of the glue is not able to secure the continual adhesiveness of the sticker.

The adhesiveness is demonstrated on a sporadically structured plastic surface. You can see a comparison with a made in advance single-layered security seal which also obtains a VOID layer but has a standard thickness of glue. At the top you can see an attempt of removing and re-pasting, at the bottom you can see the remnants after removing the hologram.

Every one of these holographic stickers has its own unique series number that will never repeat itself in any other order and there are no stickers with the same series number. For securing even higher security the hologram is produced on a VOID basis, meaning on a special film that increases the sensitivity against the removing attempts, removing and re-pasting the sticker on a different product. This self-adhesive media is made so that it is clearly visible when someone tries to remove it. When trying to remove the sticker it gets visibly damaged. After removing the sticker it leaves a clearly readable text „VOID“on both the surface of a film and also the place it was paste to. The sticker contains security words “PROTECTIVE LABEL” which increases its flexibility of applications and usage.

Apart from the above mentioned words this label also contains a seven-figured identification number. In the basis layer there is a guilloche which has two functions – increasing the security against falsification and having also the decorative function it multiplies the rainbow holographic effects when the seal is exposed to light. The removing and re-pasting of a sticker is disabled by a VOID production technology and supported by a stronger layer of glue. When removed, the label gets damaged and „VOID“text is revealed as you can see in the picture.

The size of this seal is 45 x 17 mm, the corners are round. These numbered VOID stickers are available in our store all the time and you can order them anytime in the minimum of 1 piece and up.

Price for 1-100 pieces:  $0.14 without TAX

Price for 100 and more pieces:  $0.12 without TAX


Two-layered Numbered Sticker with a VOID Layer for Social Occasions

This two-layered numbered holographic sticker is reliable and neat way of securing the entry tickets from falsification. Motive of a dancing couple predestinates the hologram application for the entrance tickets to social occasions, especially those taking place in a gala season. The entrance tickets to the gala/event events organized by various voluntary organizations, schools, etc. are typically printed by normally available laser printers and many times lack the basic security items. If you take into consideration the number of participants, security and the safety of the events preventing any falsification becomes quite important.

By simply pasting this type of a hologram onto the ticket printed on a normal laser printer you increase the level of the security of the entrance ticket to its minimal sufficiency. The importance of this security results from the unique number code of each sticker and is used as identification when the uncertainties occur because of the number given to each ticket.

Hologram for securing the event/gala tickets, seat reservation tickets and vouchers is thematically equipped in one layer by a motive of a dancing couple with a decorative guilloche. In the second layer there is a periodically repeated base made of words „ORIGINAL“of two different sizes. The consecutive serial 5-digit numbering is printed on the left side of a dancing couple in the middle of the guilloche.

The VOID basic layer „Tamper Evident Film“ used shows an increased sensitivity to the attempts of unauthorized removal and reacts by a specific bearing metallic layer damaging – revealing the word VOID. You can see the illustration of a division of the silver layer in the photograph. The text made of VOID words is revealed in the area where the sticker was pasted to and the rest of the silver area stays alone on the sticker (shown on the right side of the picture).

The diameter of this hologram is 13 mm. These holographic certificates (labels) are available in our store all the time and you can order them anytime in the minimum of 1 piece and up.

Price for 1-100 pieces:  $0.12 without TAX

Price for 100 and more pieces:  $0.09 without TAX

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