Draft Design of a Hologram on VOID Basis

Draft Design of a Hologram on VOID Basis

Single-Layered Holographic Draft Design on VOID Basis

The primer type of media in this type of holograms is so called destructive “Void evident“film. This self-adhesive medium is made so that the attempt to remove the seal is visible right away. When trying to rip off the sticker, it gets visibly damaged. It is not possible to take the seal off without damaging it, not even by heating the film by a hot air gun as it is possible with other safety stickers. When trying to take it off, one part of a holographic seal gets separated from the film and another part stays pasted to the surface and another part to the film. The part remaining on the film is given by a primer media. Available are 4 types of media made in advance. After ripping off they leave a highly readable text – “VOID“ or “ORIGINAL“ or “Cancelled“ or a regular graphical motive similar to honeycombs – on the top of the film and also the place on which the sticker was pasted to. This technology can be used in places where eventual seal damaging means an unauthorized entry to protected areas such as inner parts of electronic systems, sealed documents, boxes for moving precious objects or sealed door of luggage areas (by a larger seal) etc.

Informative price list of single layered self-adhesive pasters on a VOID basis to maximal dimensions of 0.8 x 0.8in, prices without TAX
1 000pieces$475 $0.47  /pc
2 000pieces$521 $0.26  /pc
5 000pieces$579 $0.12  /pc
10 000pieces$724 $0.07  /pc
50 000pieces$1152 $0.02  /pc
100 000pieces$1795 $0.02  /pc


Example produced hologram

Example produced VOID hologram

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